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Online Gamification Starter Course

(Right now, only in German) Develop products, processes, and customer engagement that people really love.
In this course you will gain the knowledge, skill and materials so that in the future you can design your products, work processes or brand in such a way that users, employees & customers simply want to stick with it & keep going.

Designing for Homo Ludens

Gamification ist kontextbezogenes Design, das uns ermutigt, es mit Freude weiter zu versuchen (ohne ein Spiel zu bauen).

Roman Rackwitz

Fun is a neuro-chemical reward to encourage us to keep trying.

Raph Koster

Was wenn Menschen immersiv arbeiten könnten wie sie spielen, Produkte nutzen als wäre es Thors Hammer selbst, Probleme lösen wie sie Herausforderungen im Spiel angehen, oder loyal sind wie ein Mario-Spieler in Level 36?

3 things that happen when we meet


Clear & logical communication of what Game Thinking is and when it fits.


Effective 'deep dive' in gamification, nudging & behavioral economics.


Usually at least one direct action that you can easily implement.

Articles, interviews and more on the topic

In media such as t3n, W for Knowledge, Galileo and more.

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Germany's reputable agency for Game Thinking & Gamification. Context-related application and individual solutions for organizations.

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Storytelling via podcast & Co. into the heads and hearts of employees. Individual communication that arouses emotions and engages listeners.