Gamified UI, the simplest Gamification.

Gamified UI

A gamified UI as a helpful support for onboarding and much more. If this works for such a serious field as finance, it should also work for many other areas.

The role of NFTs for Gamification

Gamification NFTs

NFTs offer us, as Gamification designers, a wonderful opportunity to assign an NFT as a personal ‚dashboard‘ to each user of the scenario pretty much no matter where or what we implement Gamification.

Why I’m bullish on taking gamification to a new level with NFTs

The Big Picture The topic of blockchain has perhaps passed few people by unheard. Most people will probably be familiar with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in this context. Some of you, though far fewer people, will also be familiar with the term NFT. Just like Bitcoin, or all cryptocurrencies in general, an NFT requires the […]