Gamification to improve Work Design & Job Design

We believe that lack of engagement, the rise of burnout & boreout and the dissatisfaction that employees are experiencing is the result of poorly executed work design.

Find even more about the psychological perspective, when and hhwo work is well-designed here:

Managers Often Rather “Fix the Worker” Than Change the Work Design

As a manager, you need to know why people come to work every day and what drives their motivation to perform at their best. Then you can design an individual job to create a path for people to be successful and motivated by their work.

Why you should think about Gamification in Work Design

For employees, the benefits of a great designed job include job satisfaction, higher engagement, improved work-life balance, lower stress and an overall sense of purpose. For companies, great work design means to unfold and to fully harness and cultivate talent by enhancing more job autonomy, one of the most successful drivers of creativity and innovation. At the end, the ROI can be found mainly in a better through-put, improved quality and reduced employee problems.

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Who is Roman Rackwitz?


I'm the founder of Europe's 1st Gamification agency Engaginglab GmbH & Enterprise Gaming Pioneer at Centigrade GmbH.


I have helped companies like Daimler, VW, Coop, Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank, Goethe Institut, and more to learn and execute Gamification.


I'm teaching Gamification at universities in Germany and Switzerland. I also advice public educational institutions on how to improve learning experiences.


As Germany's #1 Gamification expert in TV & media I was also recognized as a Top-10 Gamification expert in the world by Rise.Global.

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