This periodic table evolved from more than a decade of designing Gamification experiences. We use it as a guidance for any Project, any customer.

There are different directions of thought concerning Gamification.

We believe that Gamification reverse-engineers what makes intrinsically motivated activities, like games, sports and hobbies, such a success. That means rather than just creating real games that are played in the office or simply rewarding (bribe) people for a particular behaviour that they wouldn’t do voluntarily, Gamification changes the context/conditions of the working environment/activity itself.

The goal is to change work in a way that it feels more like a game without being one.

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For Designers

If you are responsible for planning, leading,  designing, overlooking a Gamification project or you just want to learn and exercise around it, feel free to use our Periodic Table of Gamification for your purpose. We are always trying to keep its elements up to date. In the same way as we share & explain its different categories and how we use it.

Of course it would be great if you share your experiences – using this tool – with us.

For Customers

Your organisation wants to use Gamification for its own business? Feel free to use the Periodic Table of Gamification as your preferred tool of choice.
It gives you all you need to know:

  • structure your Gamification approach
  • find numerous & proved mechanics to use for individualisation and diversification
  • monitor & control your chosen design concerning sustainability and

Let us know if you need help.

Why Us? Why Now?

For more than a decade now Engaginglab, with its CEO Roman Rackwitz, works on educating the world about the real potential of Gamification and its impact on humans.

We are doing that by creating cases that go beyond what Gamification is most known for: points, badges & leaderboards. In fact, we believe that is not Gamification and these elements – often – do more harm instead of creating engagement in the long run.

As demand for highly engaged employees and customers increases it is time to remember what makes us really to stay motivated to play, to do sports or to perform a hobby. Let us help you and find out how you can create real engagement, too.

Watch this video to see our CEO Roman Rackwitz performing an intervention, at the Gamification World Congress in Barcelona, to help the people working in this industry to get back to the roots of game-like motivation.

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