Collaboration vs. Competition

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<blockquote>There is an evergreen topic that you will stumble upon if you are interested in Human Resource, Employee engagement, Innovation, Leadership, Performance Management, and so on.

<strong>Co</strong>llaboration vs. <strong>co</strong>mpetition (I call this the co²-discussion)

It is really fascinating like we are thinking about human motivation and behaviour in the first place. In the business context and so also when it comes to colleagues, inzentives, projects, and more, people tend to think at competition before collaboration, individual incentives before team rewards, to take advantage from individual knowledge instead of sharing it, and so on.</blockquote>

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Roman Rackwitz

Roman Rackwitz gehört seit dem Aufkommen des Begriffs Gamification zu eben dieser Branche und wurde durch bereits 2013 zu einem der TOP-10 Gamification Experten gezählt. Sein Kernthema ist 'Engagement' und damit ist er sowohl im Bereich Gamification, als auch Social Media mit seiner eigenen Agentur unterwegs.

About Me

As the active CEO of Engaginglab GmbH, Roman Rackwitz stands for a game thinking approach and knows Gamification beyond points & badges or creating competitions & leaderboards.

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