Marketing does not understand Gamification

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Ich habe auf LinkedIn einen Artikel mit dem Titel “Gamification – Let’s talk Marketing” veröffentlicht.

For all of the talk and conversations I do about Gamification what surprises me most is the fact that people think about it mainly as a tool to get people to do something they don’t (want to) do right now. That’s a pity because Gamification, and its underlying human psychological science, means a human-focused-orientation rather than an activity-focused-approach.

The difference is obvious, right? The former one aims to work in the favour of the human being and the latter one focuses on an activity, no matter who an why a person is doing it. What do you think has a lasting effect?

With that in mind, I’m putting out a series of pieces that are based on our experiences in the area of Gamification and related scopes.

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Roman Rackwitz

Roman Rackwitz gehört seit dem Aufkommen des Begriffs Gamification zu eben dieser Branche und wurde durch bereits 2013 zu einem der TOP-10 Gamification Experten gezählt. Sein Kernthema ist 'Engagement' und damit ist er sowohl im Bereich Gamification, als auch Social Media mit seiner eigenen Agentur unterwegs.

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As the active CEO of Engaginglab GmbH, Roman Rackwitz stands for a game thinking approach and knows Gamification beyond points & badges or creating competitions & leaderboards.

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